Miracles Hair Design

Miracles Hair Design & Salon is a unique salon with a MESS-FREE environment!  Our goal is to provide each client with an atmosphere that is welcoming, peaceful, and serene.  Because we realize that your time is valuable we honor every opportunity that we are given for you to relax and enjoy your Hair Miracle!


Our Commitments to Our Clients:

  1. We commit to hiring staff who are thoroughly trained at the best schools.
  2. We commit to ongoing and continuous education to ensure that we can provide our clients with the most current styles, techniques and services.
  3. We commit to nonstop daily improvement because we recognize that our professional growth is necessary to achieve the level of service that our clients deserve.
  4. We commit to showering our clients with industry-leading levels of respect and customer service.
  5. We commit to providing our clients with an environment that is soothing, peaceful and relaxing.
  6. We commit to using the best products for our clients in order to achieve maximum results in excellent hair care and service.
  7. We commit to making a difference by giving back to the community through gift cards or certificates, give-a-ways, special drives, and customer appreciation.

Why Quality Hair Care Products?

We at Miracles Hair Design & Salon believe that choosing quality hair care is one of the most important concerns you will make.  We look for professional hair care products in order to achieve the quality we believe you deserve. The products we use will help you grow, maintain, strengthen and transform your hair - no matter the texture or type. 

Our salon features products from companies that share in our commitment to excellence, such as Design Essentials, and Affirm, B&B, and Straight Request.  Let us show you how to use these products in your daily life to transform your "day at the salon" into an ongoing and continuous experience of beauty!